I was lucky enough to visit Siargao, Philippines a few months ago and stayed in a wonderful town called Pacifico - which is a few hours away from the world famous surfing spots of Cloud 9 and General Luna. 

Pacifico has a few cool surf spots of its own but is generally less touristy and more laid back than the more well known locations. I spent most of my time here and chose to photograph life beyond the surf - focusing more on the local culture and people.

A filipino surfer with magic seaweed in SIargao, Philippines. info
A filipino boatman on a tourism boat. Del Carmen, Siargao, Philippines.
A filpino man poses with the head of a buffalo during fiesta preparations in Siargao, Philippines. info
filipino worker documentary photography portrait in siargao, philippines. info
A young filipina girl with skateboard. Siargao, Philippines.​ info
Skate and surf culture are embraced by young girls and women in Siargao.​ info
Filipino Videoke and budget resort owner pacifico, siargao, philippines. info
Young filipino skater, Pacifico, Siargao, Philippines. info
Young girls and women embrace all elements of Surf and Skate Culture in Siargao. info
filipino boys on pacifico beach, siargao, philippines. info
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