Surf Spot, Siargao, Philippines - Up and coming!

Siargao Philippines documentary photography photo essay.

Well done Vogue magazine for recently featuring a photo essay on Siargao, Philippines as an up and coming travel destination. For the full story check here.

I was lucky enough to visit  Siargao a few months ago and stayed in a wonderful town called Pacifico - which is  a few hours away from the world famous surfing spots Cloud 9 and General Luna.  Pacifico has a few cool surf spots of its own but is generally lest touristy and more laid back than the more well known locations. I spent most of my time here and chose to photograph  life outside of the surfing and tried to capture more of the local culture and people.

My photo documentary of  Siargao can be seen here and also check out my photo essay on Pido, the surfboard maker from Burgos, Northern Siargao, Philippines. For those with a strong stomach take a look at my photography on a local Siargao Festival in Pacifico, Philippines  (NSFV : Not safe for Vegatarians).

If you are interested in travelling to Siargao, Philippines it’s an awesome place with great people. Just make sure that when you visit Siargao - experience more than Cloud 9 and General Luna !


Basketball Courts of the Philippines featured on Digital Rev.

Thank you Digital Rev for featuring my long term documentary photography project Baskitan, The Basketball courts and hoops of the Philippines!

Please check out the full interview and photography from the project below:

Digital Rev featured long term photo essay Baskitan, Basketball courts and hoops of the Philippines.

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