In the Philippines, cockfighting is legal if held in one of the government authorised cockpits. It's also the national pastime and attracts all walks of life, from politicians to trike drivers. 

Cockfighting has been photographed to death. So I decided to document more of the behind the scenes and was particulary interested in the work of the cockfighting doctors or surgeons, who perform  major operations on injured cocks to get them back on their feet again to fight another day. Or if the operation fails -  the unlucky rooster will end up in a cooking pot, strategically placed right next to the cock surgeon's operating room ( which is normally a bench).

Cockfighting blades, Cebu , Philippines.
filipino men putting cockfighting blades or spurs on a fighting cock in Cebu, Philippines.
Filipino men wait for their turn in the cockfighting arena. Cebu, Philippines.
Cockfighting arena or cockpit in Cebu, Philippines.
Cockfighting, cebu, Philippines.
An injured cock is treated by a surgeon after a cockfight in Cebu, Philippines.
Cockfighting Doctor in Cebu, Philippines.
An injured cock is treated by a surgeon in a cockfighting arena , Cebu , Philippines.
A cock left behind by its owner after a cockfight. Cebu, Philippines.
Cocks that cannot be treated or are killed outright are bolided and eaten.
A cock at a cockfighting arena , Cebu, Philippines.
A cockfighter and cockfighting chickens relax on a sunday before a cockfight, cebu, Philippines.
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